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♥ casio shamanic
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♥ demoscene roots
♥ and the creative commons mess 2 boot

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~% Slaves of NAMM 2011

senn heiffer by starpause
skyfire by slugabed
dmbss 121 (dµbss 131 mix) by videovalvontaa
silent shout (dubmood cover) by the knife
torturing (covox remix) by sulumi
icarus by trash80
cybernator by pixelord
come back by eskmo
teeth by rznr
luna by untold
limit to your love by james blake
disco dengu by goto80
cluelicious by dp
ass relax tropix by starpause
a blast of loser by mungolian jetset

Gear lust... it grabs the best of us by the nuts & makes us scream DADDY I WANT IT! for sure there's no better place to coat keyboards in deep throat drool than the NAMM trade show in socal, but who'd care for a box that didn't bump a beat? so lets enjoy what counts, this mess of audio treats. mixed on my iPad toy running Numark's iDJ.


Sticks And Bows by Fallen
Lost by Pogo
Rust Soul by Dj Racy Aj
Dave's Brane by Reefer Sutherland
Thanatos by Moonove
Le Feu De Saint by Trinité
Phlpglss by Ls-Ttl
Ha by Fucksia
Blue Day by Coax
Plafond Surélevé by Nurykabe
Butterfly Taco by Unknown
Zephlon B by Reefer Sutherland
Uva by Keyboard
Moog Air by König Saatgut
Baenay Vesate (Olka's Review) by Wonder Olka Vs Ceckj
Delta by Moonove
Tide Rising by August
Vayu Somnium by Digitana
Mrs. Jynx's Martian by Oxynucid
While Seymour Sleeps (Alternative Version) by Seymour Bits

I played these & more out for a Spring Solstice party my friend, co-worker and found object sculptor Paul Baker [] had at Live Worms Gallery here in San Francisco ... real good night with LS-TTL [] and Harbour [] helping me keep the speakers busy. All the tracks are things I'd kept in rotation through the rainy winter and today was another dreary Sunday so it felt right to finish this up and get it out. Bon appétit!


00:00:00 goldrunner by moonove
00:03:32 il colpo si esegue da se by attarus
00:06:42 hung sun by fallen
00:08:36 ghouls & ghosts by westmore
00:13:24 konotakosuke by dizz1
00:18:22 space ex (ft. lanote) by blue daisy
00:22:50 skanky by foolk
00:24:54 death star droid by robot koch
00:27:38 cartoon friend by pixelord
00:31:36 tea leaf dancers (low limit remix) by flying lotus
00:35:08 my voice by tester
00:37:38 nu-ka (feat. voskresenie) by vad
00:41:28 silent shout (dubmood's data airlines cover) by the knife
00:44:36 lazer by i,cactus
00:45:40 mary by vim
00:46:32 leaving belief by the clonious
00:51:30 kyoto 0.9 (duran durandom mix) by miss ueki
00:53:10 cd-buk by starpause
00:56:24 good thing you came along by tapes
00:58:14 ankh by allan shotter
01:00:00 line four by reefer sutherland
01:03:34 umbrella track by august
01:06:58 deep pression feat quilo by ganga

~ rIP rIKI tIKI tABBY <3
.01 wake up by ebot
.02 apparatur by staoltrumma
.03 666 on all machines by segoh
.04 the creep by rhinostrich
.05 charges by starpause
.06 space cats by dmusta1ne
.07 rhythm ultramarine mix by gify
.08 all me lulz in wayyyne by flashbob
.09 tardline by m-.-n
.10 streetlights by sm0hm
.11 i wish my name was richard d james by salkinitzor
.12 stealth operated by xc3n
.13 mustard by sir moustache
.14 k9d-og by starpause
.15 flute crazy by bud melvin
.16 popcorn by toytone
.17 retro attivo jonkie screw by thehardliner

Here's a batch of tunes made exclusively with LittleGPTracker software, mixed to celebrate STARPAUSE + RHINOSTRICH + BURNKIT2600 playing @ the PULSEWAVE micromusic party happening Saturday, September 26, 2009 in NYC. I was hoping to have hard copies burned for that but my dvdr/w died in a recent move so enjoy the mp3 instead! peASe!~

<3 j.ordan
00:00 K9d-og by starPause (hexawe)
03:41 Digidesign by Joker
07:55 New Tings by Mrs. Qeada
10:18 All Me Lulz in Wayyyne by Flashbob (hexawe)
12:35 Silex Funk by Cuverville (Disques Mazout)
15:27 Stereo by Diego Trinidad
18:37 Nasty (Instrumental) by AQEEL
21:07 The Franzzz Connection by Claws Costeau
23:56 Rap Beat by Samiyam
24:52 Double Whopper by The Munchies
29:04 69SECS by TT BoLErO (hexawe)
30:39 Ducker by Beem
34:53 Green Lantern by Rigas Den Andre

skw3drop by starpause in front of a bunch of tenderloin hipsters // scenesters // crackheads @ knitworks (every first monday nite) @ koko cocktails on geary st in sf!

excuse the slips and dig into the selection, kNINEd's first night out with a newly configured open source digital rig: faderfox lv1 controlling MIXXX on e901 blastin through a tascam us122, wh0h!

gr337z: Disques Mazout for the exclusive digital cuts, Randy Baracuda for keepin fins haught, White Kundalini for lifting her skirt, hexawe crew for ripping the farp hard, for the endless stories + downloads, Wyatt Gurp for sharing the flavor and Mr. Harbour for HOLDIN DOWN THE FORT MONTH AFTER MONTH.

iN cELE bvRATION aUF lEAVE5 oN mP3D3ATh !~

01. Guitoud - [Analogic Time CDFPR022 #03] Stepp Monkeys feat Algar
02. Blue Vitriol - [They Went To Titan #05] Re-Entry Dub
03. takomo - [enough dubs (enrcmp10) #03] mobula
04. disrupt - [JTR NET 16 #02] Last Blade
05. mattisson - [DubbteasR] ovate
06. LuKiss (Lukas Nystrand) - [] Countrybridge Dub
07. Authist & Dub One! - [Dub Illusions #01] Inner wheel (Mushroom Dub)
08. desmond denker - [enough dubs (enrcmp10) #04] dust condition
09. Velure - [Songbox EP #02] What to do
10. Harbour - [lost séances #05] indulgent
11. mattisson - [DubbteasR] dentate
12. 12 i like this start
13. Tripper, mdS - [Selected Works 2] Lepposahelle
14. Duck - [One Way Back #06] Original activity
15. Messian Dread - [From Messian Dread With Dub EP #03] Dub From Vibes
16. 004 by quarta330
17. Finn The Giant - [Dub pon top] War Times Dub
18. elapse / mOOdSplateau - [electronic welfare EP #03] up to the e-economy
19. Kultiration - [Döden föder dub #01] Ananda
20. Lukas Nystrand - [Music for Francesca Vargas (2002-2004) #03] That Feeling Again

p3A5e mY lUV5 !~
< 3,3 sTIRRR pAUUS3e tHE k9D.
* obovate by mattisson
* dedicated thunder by jean nine
* zippsakkmacksuxx by mack & salk
* relax32 by ignatz
* texture mapping by dmx krew
* hey you (i can't resist) by overthruster
* armshoot by mattisson
* forget it by trash yourself
* flooded by von sudenfed
* heads up by bassnectar
* phresh by mattisson
* asphalt ocean lights by jean nine
* opium shuffle by death in vegas
* mdub2 by ?
* cuss cuss by baroque dub
* december darkness by dmx krew
* phone call by white kundalini
* family feud by von sudenfed
* una noche by ignat style
* message from the stars (extended) by rah band

released through lost science netaudio label (oakland, ca) as lostmix03

is a collection of netaudio studio mixes that hold true to the creed: never die. these forever-jamz won't rot, filling a out-the-space in your [brim]min[g]idisc collection. delivered by the k9d[hog] is protocol woes, to be thawed and chirping on those self-romancing,seasonal nights.
endemit by haraburda
a new pair of gloves by overthruster
stripper by stock, hausen and walkman
tean beat ocean by jackson and his computer band
when the going gets weird by dmx krew
noha's ark by cocorosie
3, 6 and 9 by mosaik & sibelian
masagin by paniq
kill bill vol. 4 by modeselektor
we carry on by portishead
behind closed eyelids by shpongle
djanfa magni by tidian kone & orchestre poly-rythmo
kom sager dom by familjen


[19:33] * thecmen * reprogram their maggoty brains
[19:33] * [XC3N] * we got gameboys and candy!
[19:33] * [XC3N] * come in!
[19:33] * k9d * shit yourselves
[19:33] * thecmen * put on the acid sprinklers
[19:33] * k9d * a new cockroaches aproaches
[19:33] * [XC3N] * oooooh
[19:33] * k9d * space sounds abount
[19:33] * [XC3N] * shiny
[19:33] * thecmen * mmmm... lovely cockroaches again
[19:34] < jonbro_ has disconnected (Quit: jonbro_)
[19:34] * thecmen * who let the roof out
[19:34] * aliceffek * damn chibitech is everywhere i browse
[19:34] * [XC3N] * it wasn't me
[19:34] * thecmen * heh
[19:35] * thecmen * slow as fuck zombie trips
[19:35] * aliceffek * guitarguitar
[19:35] * aliceffek * guitarguitar
[19:35] * aliceffek * guitarguitar
[19:35] * aliceffek * guitarguitar
[19:36] * k9d * thecmen : this one is pretty up tempo
[19:36] * k9d * i just refuse to conventionalize even my unconvention
[19:36] * [XC3N] * w3rd
[19:37] * thecmen * breaks are there to be ruled
[19:37] * thecmen * rules are there to be broken
[19:37] * [XC3N] * thecmen: w3rd,
go by cheslo
back it up (feat spank rock) by feadz
come bad boy! by lagrade
study (beat) by blindfold
california rhinoplasty by matmos
robot oeuf by uffie
spark plug by fan erhalder
miniguzz by uese
ekot by hastoperan
decalcomania by so me
mantis (2008 remodel) by 2ndmouse
naomi4 by naomi

~ cockroaches 20080511 representing the may of 11th ~

* my mistake by numb
* 2 hearts (studio version) by kylie minogue
* bears by overthruster
* saw ii (poke's chipfhix) by aphex twin
* girl and the sea by the presets
* d'bop by dirty harry
* back in baltimore by toecutter
* arcade rockstar (haydn haydn remix) by aspin
* oslo 1 by aquilone
* unstoppable by santogold
* that feeling again by lukas nystrand
* enfants (olin fix) by ricardo villalobos
* nylon smile by portishead
* descending groove by eod fah khonner
* voice in quartz by cut copy
* hey girl (dj weekend remix) by al casino
* wanderlust by 2nd mouse
* ce jeu (trust fun teens holiday in the riviera remix) by yelle
* the bohemian raporgy by the rez
* triton by coax
* low-bit disco by floppy
* hesparisis by benefit of the boomerang
* angel station by idiron soundtrack
* ring road (laidback luke remix) by underworld
* rollin (ft jackie chain & jhi-ali) by hood headlinaz

wicket rackin! we be smakin up teh jam preserves gone mold role-E, don't forget to wash with soap riff young toushet wrong!
strapawnz cum laudly
hjttp:// .gworahole.c0m + pawdckissty
 g00Gle mah ruchez yah butchez
      ~ hubb a snuff caw canes hirt biddly ~
cockroaches 2008 april 14 at 20goto10 gallery in sf ... keepin it simple ...

access codes by phlogiston
tibetan monks playing fuzzy bass tabalas by the orientalist
good as gold by tiga
kondensator by kashmir kartel
over and over by hot chip
din dah by proxy
find my way (kode9 remix) by massive music
ma girl by acrotone feat. georg taraman
bootyguitar2 by hs
fett me soft (skruv: nimo cheeb's) by basutbedet
rappoors delaaght (extented edit) by taggy matcher
geargrainsup by sense
coogi sweater (featuring ali lee) by boom bip
converted cobham by automatic feeling
tortoise catch by octopus land

jordan from starPause ^ c 0 m

* pussy queen by ladybug and bacalao
* me and my rhythm box from the liquid sky soundtrack
* kls by lusn
* rough iraq by cassetteboy vs dj rubbish
* lo-fi r0x0r / the 8 bit hits by ?
* usabikch by nostromo
* plasticz by the jaffa kid
* do you think i'm disco steve dahl
* neon human by felix da housecat
* wish by ellen allien
* anique toy by future sound of london
* cantaloupe island by herbie hancock
* ruff by scandalbynight at yahoo dot fr
* praise by sense
* i love you i don't love you fix by hakan lidbo
* 500bucks by a_rival
* after the sun goes down by dino
* are we friends (norrit's pop some pills remix) by damaged goods
* sex slave by hakan lidbo
* where is your child by hardfloor
* be (laidback luke remix) by steve angello
* bone-dry by deerhoof
* roy andres by bud melvin
* oldhouse-2 by buz
* remix demo by andy butler
* future sound (matty c remix) by phuture assassins
* geisha by william s. braintree
* gimme more (dominik von werdt remix) by britney spears

pre programed radio. so what?

huge up to steve skweee-b for those fun few weeks of fm & d0pe c0vr h4rt!~

  ~ c.RCROCKR.CHEz ~ deC eL LEvin ~ 2 o o 7 ~

* snow village by spamtron
* s.p.c. (stupidcut) ft. marbina by hifana
* walkman by sebasian
* shake that by spank rock and benny blaco
* white horse by laid back
* life change by hiroshi oki
* i'll be by your side (club mix) by sally shapiro
* ghost busters by run dmc
* any way you choose to give it (boy 8 bit mix) by the black ghosts
* corkscrew by the hamster alliance
* this is radio clash by the clash
* hwy chipmusik by x|k
* games without frontiers by peter gabriel
* fahrgestell by pasquale maassen
* the walk by the cure
* path by aleksi perala
* neverzkared by krazy fiesta
* blitter baiter remix by thecmen on efnet
* blitter baiter remix by a slash slasher on efnet

 ~ dis un took a while,
      naw i thro it on tey piwal! ! ~ <3

 shoutz 2 uncajesse 4 tha sound solution tip hawf!

c O k C r A o C h 3 z . b Y . C o G t R o B a T g M a i L . c O m

five eh am an expectin drizzle, slowwwwn it down till the levulhz sissssle

* ? by harry manfredini
* underneath the earth by hampster alliance
* travel by smam
* stabkaskade (orginal) by skies unlimited
* instructor mooselinis RAP by parappa the rapper
* i want candy by muffletoes
* rainbow light vomit (cbs remix) by sinclair
* j4 by mobyl
* kao ok by zemaria
* reginald toupac disco by idiron soundtrack
* head/off by sebastian
* reaggae chill is on by epmd vs family choice
* chipotle by saccobros
* the temptations vs happy clappers by ?
* bagger by maul patyas
* i feel like dying by lil wayne
* home computer 2 by poke
* cybernectic love (vocal) by casco
* monkey overbite by emperor machine
* it's like that by run-dmc
* magic forest by lukas nystrand
* ? by slick
* american dream (cbs edit) by funkabit

grEEtz 2 sprak|on ASIA toir, lonnyLord always makin sound RIGHTCHUZ, m.(arc)-n.(os) the pIG cREATyUR, wONhOThUNTRESS, jonk on the east coast, dj mike down under, the south sweden scholars, misty proffyur witt heez tip on the tech lips N aHL uTHA cATZ keePzin it real in HEXAWE on efnet

take yo socks off / pop 'em blistahz / pain(t) e'm nails / cockroachez bak wiff de-TAILZ!

* sine of the times by transient
* self control by interlope
* abc in central park by zamali
* cloud nine takes control by zamali
* vgtbl+garden by c4
* paris s'eveille by sick as a dog
* ion by dj px
* shithawk by wsr
* blured daylight by witchery whistle
* perlung by eldaro
* world 2 (woldwort) by lee du-caine
* violent by dub soundsystem
* aow_b_011_o by hertzcanary
* violent journey (fuck you) by grounded circle
* stiletto pumps it up by krazyfiesta
* tough titties by toecutter
* the cave by caso
* lichu naroketi! by karbofos
* watch your step by juvelen/krazyfiesta
* huck dunt by unknown
* shivers by alfador
* kao ok by zemaria
* instantiality_1 by constraing programming
* megablast (hip hop on precinct) by bomb the bass
* stevie wonder v. wired all wrong by aggro1
* kinz0kinder by alpha techno
* ross ross orss by sebasian
* tintfunk by marnik
* the end (disco version) by john carpenter
* hitbrite by animal style
* meat grinder by karbofos

* warm wishes by x|k
* octamed pornfunk by tomas delin
* dermetfak by bit medler
* shake and wham rendered by ?
* blow yoy house down by a guy called gerald
* traveling at the speed of light by sonz of poop da poop
* it’s the beat (luke vibert mix) by simian mobile disco
* junior (audioporno remix) by poney poney poney
* ? by dirty disco youth
* if it ain’t dirty it ain’t fun by artist of the year
* music please by jack buser
* harder than that by ?
* voulez vous by bam biz-ay (audioporno remix)
* clubhoppin (smallsaul re-edit) by para one
* tropical icemachine by salkinitzor
* friday house (jam) by sense
* where did you sleep last night by leadbelly

git wrekt a fwe tamez bruh&


* reboot your heart by bleedmaster
* acid easy from lableable
* robots (live) by covox
* trn01 by x|k
* rough trade megamix by bankie phones
* a myspace track by dirty disco youth
* detroit love by hex
* limestone sunday by mjk
* cover girl by postalm@rket
* rushed copy pasta by xaimus
* my pawns are going to grow up by overthruster

you can’t blame a cockroach for taking it’s time, the shits don’t die! no sprekkin, just beat wreckin. love from the western addition, from your host wit revived ambition =)


* strike1 by compute
* kimchee pork by overthruster
* almost part1 by tony guinness
* tholo topio by hip hop ex equipo
* global identity by tripper
* dancin with the sax by yan ots
* twin picks by g&s

san francisco lost two troopers but we're keepin chins up with some up beat down slowed up sludge pop mangly mixing ... eat it where you want!


* goto80
* delay scape
* bjoern hartmann
* glenny417
* arachne
* oem quartet
* hek187
* dylan hears a who

free as in freedom style

* paper love by basian music
* cold cold night by miss pepper
* done e by kes
* bar reset by aunderwex
* medium training beat by charlie

starts out pure pop, drops to techno flop, acid brings us back to bop! eggdrop, it’s more than a bot.


* - VA [es23]
* Duck - One Way Back [FPR008]
* The Nomada - Tilos Rádió - Creative Commons Hungary remix CD
* Aleksey Petin - Ozimie [top26]

in the war against termites ...

* idtp minimode pre by m-.-n
* deutschland hat euch lieb by gert 3000
* babe by starpause
* jump teh smash by antonio bandpass
* aromastar by rupert
* to be in love remix by scope for uprough.

respect to mlk, respect to people walking around with their eyes and hearts open.

* the acid keff by role model
* september dream by fat fredy
* day day by funkzelle
* hitlers handtrallare by massiv dansk invasion

electro-chip acid goes chicago into trash anthems, all prey to kill switch jankery! last ‘cast outta minneap-o-lass, roseville to be exact. but the tracks!
20061225 ~ Detroit Rugrat Color Halt Romantics

* elecrep005 tisch28 06 tomas haas wanna be a rugrat florian filsinger remix.mp3
* the sony allstar - Romantics.mp3
* legowelt - detroit707.mp3
* pimuri - halt auf verlangen pre.mp3
* richard reagh-color of the birds-dj risk remix.mp3

insta-classics at 93 beats per minute, beats to heat, up your hilly dizzle. mc binky bites one off. with love from chaska!

quarta, Skope, Yoki, Lukiss

Boston Dub Kelly Rhub: quarta330 on lsdj leads into uprough tracker and sid dub. mixed in reading outside of boston, guest mc kelly, photo from colordreams. peace!

Blip Aught Six Edition: covox provides a moody lead in to herbet weixelbaum’s slamming 001, followed by a death disco slowed burner birthed from a glomag and M-.-n team up.

big thanks to anna and erik for the place to crash in nyc and lending me their mc skills for this mix!
Dark Fantasy Tracker Adventure: an uneasy vibe kicked off by Xedh, chipped in by 4mat, and concluded by Overthruster.

Xedh (Miguel A. García) is from Basque Country and has releases on 20kbps, electronicdiversity, many other places. often swept into the dark ambient genre wash, Xedh stands out with finely crafted tracks featuring plenty of musical movement.

4mat (copy and pasted straight from VORC): aka Matthew Simmonds. Generally gets credit for being first with the Amiga MOD-chip music. He made such earliest chiptunes including Autumn, Knighthawk and Space Journey during June/July 1989, and is still composing music for games and C64-demos.

The IR Overthruster is a plastic plate that sits on top of the cockpit rim and under the . . . oh, who are we fooling. Overthruster is a prolific breakcore king well known for his LSDj exploits. Now running renoise, audiomulch, and piggy tracker (along with the lowbit netaudio label North American Hard Core).


Digital Dub For My Doggers: starts off with sumergido, gets heavy with disrupt and chills out with sly.

no guests or nuthin just straight dubby lovin. sorry the voice overs are so quiet, lets see if i get the levels right next sunday night?


IDM Legends Make Beats Gone Wild: tracks by hrvatski, overthruster, and bogdan.

first week of the new format with wrecked mixing by k9d, guest shitting by jessica, and photo by lucy.