BEATKANGZ compo in march of 2008

it's tuff 2 round up yr h0mm9ez fur a quick One Hour Compo run around the h00d so we did this shit up 24H style givin the girls time to relax and pass some grass. there wasn't much rules, the way we role was sm0hm buyin a lol drum machine he took some sounds out and we all did what we pleased wit'em in piggy tracker. final submits were lgptProjects.

much love from san francisco,


each head got 3 votes, blow a load on ONE favorite or spread yurr lurrv like BUTTAH ... it dont matta baby

to listen to the tracks grab the AFTERMATH BREAKDOWNN MEGAA PACKK, or
the mp3 pack

or hit the playa here:

0 x beatKICKSkangz_lore_b (added 2008-04-02)
1 x Gifyb33tKaangz
2 x XC3N__B17K4NGz
3 x Sm0hm_-_NOIZKANGZ_
3 x wsr-C12H17N2O4P_Earthpulse_System
4 x KangoftheBeetz (rhinostrich)
4 x BeatKANGZorGRass
5 x salkinitzor_beetkangs
5 x streetpawz_vs_beatkangz

hang out in #hexawe on efnet to join in the fun n3xt t9me!